Say it, Sign it!

Carol Turner

My name is Carol Turner, my career in deaf education started in 1974 as a paraprofessional working with the elementary grade levels. In 1977 the Orange County Department of Education opened their Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program providing services for grades 6-12. 

I became a classroom interpreter for OCDE at this time, spending 5 years at the middle school and 35 years at the high school. 

During this time, I also taught sign language classes through continuing education and the local community colleges.

I am an ESSE (Educational Sign Skill Evaluation) certified interpreter and for more than 25 years have been involved with the SEE Center as a Skillshop Instructor and ESSE evaluator.

Say it, Sign it!

Joshua Both

Hello, my name is Josh, I serve as the Outreach Coordinator. I also handle marketing, community partnerships and manage this website. I am Carol's grandson and therefore grew up using sign language. As such, over the years I have developed a passion for deaf education and advocacy for Signing Exact English.